PEER Services is funded by the generous support of individual donors, corporations, government entities and foundations. We are grateful to all of our funders for their support! They make our mission possible.

Our funders include but are not limited to:


  • The Unified Recovery Response Network
    Evanston Community Foundation (ECF) funded a $11,000 grant for a pilot project at Presence St. Francis Hospital in Evanston. The project started in February 2019 and is ongoing.

    The Unified Recovery Response Network focuses on encouraging emergency room patients who experience overdose or intoxication to take healthy steps towards recovery. An outreach counselor goes to the emergency room twice a week to engage teens and adults struggling with substance use. The counselor helps the teens and adults navigate options and resources for help, assisting with setting up appointments, referrals, transportation options and other related concerns when needed.



PEER Services values the community partners with whom we collaborate. These partners help to ensure that we deliver exceptional services to our clients.

PEER Services maintains linkage agreements with various partners in Chicago as well as partners in the northern and northwest suburbs. Our partners include schools, other social service agencies (mental health, housing, youth-serving, etc.), and medical and psychiatric healthcare professionals.

In addition to community partners we collaborate with to deliver direct services, PEER Services’ staff also contribute to many networks and committees working to improve health, local conditions, collaboration, and communication in the communities we serve.  PEER Services participates in a broad range of community, statewide, and national groups including:


Additional Recovery Resources

We have partnered with other treatment providers on community forums and events, including:

SunCloud Health is an integrative, intensive outpatient treatment center for adolescents and adults of all genders. We provide support for anyone with a desire to live free from self-destructive behaviors on their journey of recovery. SunCloud Health is committed to community outreach, we’ve hosted many free to the public seminars on Workplace Stress Management with former Baxter CEO Harry Kraemer and Wellness, to How the Law Views Recovery with Judge Maritza Martinez of the Circuit Court of Cook County, and others. We want to inform our community on the resources and support available, from professional agencies, local support groups and the county.