Are services confidential?

Yes! Your privacy is protected by Federal Law 42 CFR Part 2. If you should ask us to share ANY information about your treatment with a family member, your physician, or anyone else, we will ask you to first sign a written release of information specifying with whom you would like us to share information, for what purpose you want it shared, and exactly what information you would like us to share.


Do you accept insurance?

Yes! We are a preferred provider for Blue Cross/Blue Shield and work with most insurance plans in Illinois. We encourage you to check your plan’s benefits for outpatient substance abuse treatment. We also accept Medicaid, All Kids, and FamilyCare, and we accept Medicare for certain treatment services. Call us to confirm whether we accept your insurance.


How much will this cost?

As is true with other health care programs, the total cost will depend on the type and duration of treatment that you may need. Each person we serve receives an individualized treatment plan. No one is EVER denied treatment at PEER Services due to an inability to pay. Because of the generosity of our donors, we are able to provide a treatment scholarship program. The amount of the scholarship is based on a family’s income and the number of people being supported by that income.


How can I be sure if I have—or someone I love has—a substance abuse problem?

As is true for any other health concern, the best thing to do is to consult a professional. PEER Services staff are recognized experts in substance abuse prevention and treatment. An assessment by one of our professional counselors will help determine if there is a problem. If there is, we will recommend the appropriate treatment to restore you or your loved one to health.


Will my boss or neighbors find out that I am in substance abuse treatment?

We go to the mat to protect your privacy and keep you safe. We recognize that trust is essential to the healing process. Your privacy is protected by Federal Law 42 CFR Part 2.


What are evidence-based treatment methods?

PEER Services is recognized as a leader in substance use treatment, in part because we stay on top of the current learning. Our staff keeps up-to-date on the most current brain research and the evidence that demonstrates which methods are most effective in treating substance abuse. Just as you expect your physician to know how to best treat whatever physical ailment you may have, you can count on PEER Services staff having answers to the problems that substances have been causing you.


What are some possible signs of substance abuse?

As is true for most health problems, one individual’s signs and symptoms might not match those of another.  Here are some potential things to look out for, however:

  • Changes in mood or behaviors
  • Unexplained, rapid weight loss or gain
  • Decreased interest in school, work, or other responsibilities
  • Decreased motivation for fun or other social activities
  • Struggles with managing money
  • Loved ones expressing concerns about use
  • Increase in the amount or frequency of use
  • Difficulties in relationships
  • Loss of memory or functioning
  • Decreased interest in hygiene or personal appearance
  • Decline in physical functioning