Hello everyone,

We know that this is a confusing time, especially with regards to navigating health services. We are here for you. We will continue providing treatment, answering your questions, and doing all we can to keep you and the community safe.

We continue to provide ALL SERVICES to current and new clients and are making the following changes to keep our clients and staff safe:

All outpatient treatment, with the exception of medication-assisted treatment (MAT), will be provided remotely utilizing telehealth: safe, one-to-one connections over the telephone. Aside from MAT services, our Evanston and Glenview offices will be closed.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services will be provided for current patients in our Evanston office between the hours of 7am-12pm. Outpatient counseling and case management with this program will be done using telehealth services. See below for details.

To contact us, call 847-492-1778, or see contact information for specific programs below. Please reach out if you or someone you know needs help!

Medication Assisted Treatment: All medication-based services and procedures remain unchanged but will only be provided from 7am to 12pm at our Evanston office. All outpatient counseling and case management with this program will be done using telehealth services. We are still accepting new clients. For more information about our MAT program, please contact our MAT Program Coordinator, Gretchen Igliori, LCSW at

DUI Services: PEER is providing telehealth supportive services for current DUI clients. New clients interested in our DUI program may contact Todd McCarty, MA, MFA at

Outpatient Substance Use Counseling: PEER Services provides outpatient substance use counseling to teens and adults. All current and new clients can reach us at (847) 492-1778 and leave a message for a counselor to return. If you have further questions or concerns please contact the Clinical Director, Christine McCall, LCSW, CADC at

Prevention Services: Our prevention services are also available remotely. We are equipped to provide messaging, remote educational presentations, and resource guides. Please reach out to our Prevention Team through email: Ria Kataria at and Gina Migliore at

Community health and safety is our top priority. During this unprecedented moment, we are grateful to be able to provide safe access to resources and treatment for individuals and families impacted by substance abuse. Below are some resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about prevention and treatment of COVID-19. We encourage you to be aware and educated in order to help yourself, your family and our community stay safe.


COVID-19 Resources: