Substance abuse prevention services

The goal of prevention services is to preclude youth substance use by targeting youth ages 11–18, their families, and the broader community.  Our services are grounded in evidence-based approaches recognized nationally as effective in reducing youth substance use.

So what exactly is effective Substance Abuse Prevention?

When many people think of prevention, they imagine cigarette-smoking skeleton posters or crashed cars displayed in front of a high school before prom.  It is critically important to understand, however, that the “scare tactics” often used in the past simply don’t work.

Today’s approach acknowledges that youth make choices in the context of their environment.  One cannot expect a teen to choose not to use if their environments (home, school, community) do not support and promote that choice. Through direct services and collaborations with schools and other community organizations, PEER Services takes a broader, more effective approach to prevention.  We provide up-to-date, customized drug education/social-emotional skill development for youth; programs and resources for parents; and presentations and training for community organizations and schools.

PEER Services’ prevention staff members are committed to the highest standards of professional knowledge.  Prevention staffers regularly attend regional, statewide, and national trainings on prevention best practices, current trends in the field, and proper implementation of specific approaches.

In addition to providing direct services, we are available to consult with schools or other groups interested in substance abuse prevention.  In selecting specific prevention approaches, PEER Services utilizes research and data on prevention models that have evidence of positive results. For more information on evidence based-prevention and interventions, see SAMHSA’s NREPP Site.

To find out more about our Prevention Services, please call

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