PEER Services is an active member of the Evanston Substance Abuse Prevention (ESAP) Coalition.  The ESAP Coalition’s mission is to increase the health of Evanston’s youth by preventing alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use through community-level strategies.  For more information, please visit the ESAP Coalition’s website at or contact


New Trier Township Prevention Council

PEER Services is an active member of the New Trier Township Prevention Council (NTTPC).  The mission of NTTPC is to unite New Trier Township communities in the prevention and reduction of substance abuse through a broad range of strategies including advocacy, public education, and programs for youth and families.  For more information, please contact Erin Tegge at


PEER Services is also an active member of the Glenview Northbrook Coalition for Youth (GNCY). The mission of GNCY is to empower youth to safe, drug and alcohol free lives through community and family partnership. For more information, visit or contact