PEER Services’ social norms marketing approach is a well-recognized national model for high school campaigns.  We pioneered this approach at Evanston Township High School and currently run a similar social norms marketing campaign at New Trier Township High School.


What is Social Norms Marketing?

Social norms marketing is an evidence-based prevention approach that educates youth about actual non-use rates.  In collaboration with the high school, we biannually collect data on drug and alcohol use which consistently show that youth drastically overestimate use among their peers.


Why is this important? 

Because youth perception of their peers’ behavior significantly impacts their own choices.  When youth assume that the majority of their peers use substances, they are more likely themselves to engage in substance use. When youth misperceptions are corrected so they learn that the majority of their peers don’t use, they then are less likely to engage in substance use.


To find out more about the social norms marketing approach or our current campaign, please call

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