Adolescent Treatment

Adolescent substance use can range from early experimentation to severe dependence. PEER Services’ Adolescent Treatment team responds by offering a wide variety of options designed to meet the needs of adolescents, depending where on the continuum their use may fall.

When concern about a young person’s substance use arises, the first step toward a solution is to participate in an assessment conducted by one of our professional, clinically-trained staff. Assessment is a simple process designed to gather information on the young person’s substance use risk and history. This information allows us to develop an individualized plan designed to address the young person’s use of substances and their overall well-being.

We offer a range of services such as

We offer individual Level 1 Counseling for teens, and Early Intervention counseling for teens.  We only have IOP for adults (as well as individual counseling and the MAT program)

We take a holistic approach to working with adolescents; our evidence-based program is designed to identify and address not only substance use concerns but also any related emotional and/or mental health concerns.

The Adolescent Program at PEER Services accepts referrals from a wide variety of sources, including families, community agencies, area schools, and criminal justices and/or courts. Our work is confidential and respecting the privacy of the individuals and families we serve is a top priority. The confidentiality of substance abuse treatment records is highly protected under federal law (42 CFR Part 2).

We understand the importance of involving families in treatment; we strive to maintain communication. Our goal is to involve parents and other family members to help support a young person’s treatment and ongoing recovery.

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