Adolescent Outpatient Treatment

We have designed our Outpatient Treatment and Intensive Outpatient Treatment programs specifically for teens who have completed an assessment and met the criteria for a substance use disorder.

The first step to determining whether this is the right program for you is to call and schedule an appointment for an assessment. 

After an initial assessment, each teen is then matched with a counselor and together they work to identify individualized treatment goals and objectives. Although treatment plans are individualized, most teens in this level of care participate in one hour of counseling per week for a minimum of 60 days, with some teens attending weekly group counseling depending on their needs.

Our Master level, licensed counselors guide our adolescents through an exploration of thoughts, emotions, behaviors and the intuitive self, identifying values, strengths, resistance and perceived road blocks, uncovering the root for substance use and promoting accessible strategies to employ in order to live a values driven, purposeful life.

PEER Services also provides family counseling and support services. Recognizing the needs of families is an important part of treatment; we recognize that teens are not the only members of their families who may benefit from support.

To find out more or to schedule an appointment, please call

Evanston: ☎ 847.492.1778 and ask for the Adult and Adolescent Treatment team