Social Marketing

We currently run a social marketing campaign at Evanston Township High School.  Social marketing, an evidence-based prevention approach, encourages youth to weigh the potential costs of substance use against the perceived benefits of use. The goals of this social marketing campaign are that youth will either 1) continue to choose not to use or 2) change their behavior of current use.

In collaboration with the high school, we annually collect data to plan, implement, and evaluate our campaign efforts.  Our data consistently show that teens who have not started using drugs or alcohol perceive that substance use comes with significant consequences (getting in trouble with parents, alcohol poisoning, etc.).  While some consequences remain significant among all teens, our data show that teens who use are less concerned with the potential consequences of their use.

To find out more about the social marketing approach or our current campaign, please call:

In Evanston: ☎ 847.492.1778 and ask for Prevention Services