PEER provides the following services for adolescents and their families:

1. Early Intervention Education & Counseling:

Not all adolescents who are referred to PEER Services for an assessment actually meet the full criteria for substance abuse or dependence. However, the assessment may still indicate significant risks. For these teens, PEER Services has a variety of short-term Early Intervention services designed to help teens identify risks associated with substance use as well as to enhance overall healthy lifestyle decisions.

Early Intervention services can include

  • Individual education sessions
  • Group education sessions
  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling

2. Substance Use Treatment Counseling:

The first step to determining whether this is the right program for you is to call and schedule an appointment for an assessment. 

After an initial assessment, each teen is then matched with a counselor and together they work to identify individualized treatment goals and objectives. Although treatment plans are individualized, most teens in this level of care participate in one hour of counseling per week for a minimum of 60 days, with some teens attending weekly group counseling depending on their needs.

Our Master’s level, licensed counselors guide our adolescents through an exploration of thoughts, emotions, behaviors and the intuitive self, identifying values, strengths, resistance and perceived road blocks, uncovering the root for substance use and promoting accessible strategies to employ in order to live a values driven, purposeful life.

3. Family Support & Crisis Services

PEER Services also provides family counseling and support services. Recognizing the needs of families is an important part of treatment; we recognize that teens are not the only members of their families who may benefit from support.

How can parents help?

Know that prevention and treatment of substance use issues works! Because the use of alcohol and other drugs can harm a young person’s body and brain, the U.S. Surgeon General has issued a call to action for families to engage in prevention. Head to our prevention page for support and resources on where to find help, how to start conversations with your teens, and how to keep yourself up to date and educated about substance use trends in teens.

Adolescent Treatment – Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, we only have English-speaking staff. However that is subject to change- Send us an email and we can keep you updated!
Yes! We have telehealth options subject to availability.
Once you schedule an appointment with us, depending on our waitlist and time, you will receive a call back from one of our many amazing therapists who will walk you through the intake process discussing a journey tailored to your needs and capacity!
It can be confusing to figure out which service is a perfect fit! Give us a call and set up a time to talk to our therapists that will be the best people to understand your needs and capacity and guide you to a service that fits!
Our services vary due to capacity and availability, we will keep this space updated as we go. Feel free to check in with us if you want to confirm!