Our Mission, Vision, and Values


PEER Services reduces the harms of substance use, addiction and stigma by engaging youth and adults with innovative prevention programming and by supporting people on their path to recovery through holistic, evidence-based treatment. We provide affirming services to all in need, regardless of their ability to pay. 


We strive toward a community free from harmful cycles of trauma, substance use, and addiction and from the stigma and systemic barriers that reinforce them. Our goal is to help people develop the skills and resilience to overcome challenges and to unleash their inner capacities to create the lives they want.  


Our work is driven by our values, including:

Compassion – Seeking help is an act of love and should be met with love.

Respect – Every person deserves dignity and has inherent worth.

Science – Addiction is a treatable disease.

Harm reduction – We meet people where they are.

Hope – Change is possible. It is never too late to rebuild yourself and your life.

Self-efficacy – Each person has the power to take charge of their own life and make decisions about what is best for them.

Community – No one needs to struggle alone. We are stronger together.

Equitable Access – We serve all in need, regardless of their background or ability to pay.

A Brief History of PEER Services

Throughout our history, PEER Services has adapted our services in response to changing community needs and we continue to do so today.


Founded by community leaders, parents, elected officials, clergy and business leaders in response to opioid crisis


Started on-site prevention programming at local schools 


Accredited by The Joint Commission, the gold seal of approval in the healthcare field 

Opened a second office in Glenview in response to growing demand 


Maintained all services during Covid-19 pandemic 

Added telehealth counseling  

Partnering with St. Francis Hospital to connect patients to ongoing treatment 

New co-location at Turning Point in Skokie that enhances integration with mental health treatment replaced Glenview office 

PEER Services is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. Since 1975, PEER Services has provided community-based substance use prevention and treatment services to teens, adults and families in Northern Cook County, including Evanston, Maine, New Trier, Niles and Northfield Townships, and the north side of Chicago. Our treatment services are available to all Illinois residents, and clients have come from as far as north as Zion and from Chicago’s south and west sides. 

PEER Services is licensed by the Illinois Department of Human Services and accredited by The Joint Commission.

PEER Services is committed to delivering quality services to the individuals, families and communities we serve.  

  • All of our substance use treatment counselors hold professional licenses and Master’s degrees. Our medical staff includes experienced nurses, and two physicians (our medical director and a consulting psychiatrist).
  • We utilize the best practices in the field. We value professional development and ensure staff members remain up-to-date on cutting-edge research and advances in the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders.   
  • A number of our staff have been recognized for their excellence in the field by statewide organizations, including the Illinois Association for Behavioral Health and the Illinois Association for Medication Assisted Addiction Treatment.