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Whether you’re in law, policy, first response, or safety enforcement, you play a big role in substance use prevention in our schools and communities! Because your collaborative expertise helps us identify the challenges that our community members face, we’ve designed this space to connect you with expertise from the prevention world to help prepare you and your team to take steps towards solving those challenges together.

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Think you know what to listen for to identify when teens are talking about using cannabis, alcohol, or other illicit substances?

Opioid reversal medication Naloxone (NARCAN) is available over the counter and for free at multiple community locations.

Here’s how to find it, store it, and administer it, as well as all you need to know to use this life-saving tool.



UNODC – A Guiding Document


CADCA: Coalitions in Action

Is your team looking to be a part of a community-based, advocacy-focused, data-driven, coalition-building, association?

Find inspiring stories, find out about upcoming webinars, and get ideas for involvement in your community here!


Safety Insight Survey

When working with youth, it’s important that we stay up-to-date on current topics, trends, and challenges that our communities face related to underage substance use, & we need your help to do that!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does PEER Services offer educational content for safety personnel?

Absolutely! We currently partner with multiple schools, law enforcement agencies, & other first responders to provide substance use prevention education. We create and customize our own evidence-informed presentations and infographics using data from local sources. This allows us to create the content to fit your school, community, or organization’s specific needs.

Reach out to us at to learn more, place a request for content, or schedule a presentation!

I don’t see what I’m looking for. Do you have anything else?

Sure! Our prevention experts have an abundance of resources and are happy to connect you with the tools you’re looking for. Email us at and let us know what information we can add to this site to help safety personnel like you!

I’m not safety personnel but I want to learn more. Do you have any resource pages like this for others?

We do! Check out our parent and caregiver resource page at We also offer a page for teens as well at

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