A collection of substance use focused webinars, some hosted by peer and some recommended by peer staff.

Our Go-to Webinar Hosts

GNCY Webinars

Glenview Northbrook Coalition for Youth

Operation Parent

Great resource for parents who want to explore more about substance use trends

PEER Services

Parent Webinar Series. Topics like teen dating violence, talking with teens, teen brains

OSU Trainings

Webinars and trainings on substance use prevention and recovery

Local webinars: Staff Picks!

Recordings for recent webinars that we found interesting. (Rotating list)

Well-Intended Parents, Unintended Consequences

Dr. Renee Dominguez, PhD, LCP, explains why positive reinforcement may be invalidating and why smoothing the path can backfire.

Our go-to Documentaries

HBO’s Crime of the Century

Insight into the opioid crisis as fueled by the Sackler family and Big Pharma.

Netflix’s Crack Cocaine Corruption

History of crack cocaine use that is wrought with racism.

America’s War on Drugs

“An immersive trip through the last five decades of American drug policy and the unintended consequences of a global power-grab of the narcotics black market.”


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